Angel Salvation

Phoenix cried in the distance. That new distinct cry that sounded in my heart like they were calling my name, begging for help.


She felt amazing.

Towering above me, her back arching as her tight warmth surrounded and pulled me within. These moments were my salvation. A salvation humanity yearned for, but truly knew nothing about.

I wanted to give her everything, be her everything. I held her hips, forcing her still as I moved within her, the dark look in her eyes turning me to mush even as it fueled my craving to claim her.

“Gabriel, my Sir, I love you. Come back to me,” she whispered, a frown curving her lips as I stroked deeper.

I needed to fill all of her. I wanted to create life with her. “Medea…” Buzzing pain filled my skull crashing into my thoughts, trying to push them away. There were flashes of a life…my life, without Carmen. 

It swam in murkiness. What was empire toast? There were so many nights of falling asleep inside her, only to wake up the same way, taking her over and over again. Submission. On a beach. She’d given herself to me, completely? Who was she? How could I forget… “Medea…”

The pain was crippling. The buzzing the loudest it had ever been. My head felt as if it would shatter. Raising my hand to press my temples, a foolish thought to try and keep my head together. My fingers found wetness, they were covered in blood, running from my ears.

The world swam and spun in colors of vibrant purple. Like her eyes when she got angry. Her magic was so different than Yahweh’s faith power. Always tasting different on my tongue. It had welcomed me from the beginning leading me…to…her…


I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t need breath, but this body needed the action, and it wouldn’t work. I couldn’t swallow. My body was frozen even as my mind ran and looked for the thing I’d lost but couldn’t remember to find. 

Phoenix cried in the distance. That new distinct cry that sounded in my heart like they were calling my name, begging for help. The cry that let me know she was with them. I needed to get to them. I needed to keep them safe.

I stood slowly, clutching my head.

Medea would want that. 

I fell to my knees again. Phoenix.

One hand reached forward, clutching the air where for a moment I thought they’d been. Were they real? They had to be real. I remembered every smile and laugh. I remembered their birth, on the couch, even that damn Lycaon had been there.

Gabriel…Her voice was so perfect when she said my name. 

Who. The. Fuck. Was. She.

Everything. She was everything. I felt it. I knew the truth of it. When I slid inside her walls and gave her every moment and second of everything I ever was. I gave her my darkness and my light, and she took it greedily, hungrily, begging for more. 

The moment we conceived Phoenix. 

Together we created life. 

She was every fucking thing and I couldn’t breathe…couldn’t say her name.

Who. Was. She.

Your sorceress, Sir, she whispered in my head.

There was a pop, a loud whoosh of air, and blood flowed freely from my nose. I fell backward, my hands felt like bricks as they fell to my side. “Medea…”

The world slowly faded, my heart breaking, as I finally remembered who she was. What had I done?


“Gabby, what have you done?” Carmen asked. She sat a few feet away, in a high back chair that made her look regal. 

I glared at the ceiling, ignoring her. My head fucking hurt. There was no buzzing now, just an overwhelming pressure and the onslaught of returning memories.

She’d fucking blood poisoned me, or something. Mutherfuckinghell.

“I know you’re awake,” she said softly. “I know you’re angry.”

I ignored her. The memories that stabbed at my mind were sharp, the pain they inflicted from their reintegration into my conscious mind was acute. I was having trouble putting them in order though. 

How the fuck had I ended up marrying Carmen? How the fuck was I going to explain that to Medea? She’d never ever fucking believe I didn’t want it. 

“No, she won’t. That’s why she’s not here. If it was that broady wolf, she’d be here, right?”

I acknowledged Carmen for the first time, turning my head to glare at her. “Get the fuck out of my head.”

“You are weak, and you are mine. Until you can shield, I will see all that you are.”

“What the fuck do you mean I am yours?”

She sighed, crossing her legs. Thick thighs played peek-a-boo through the split of her black pencil skirt. A visceral reaction ripped through me, I felt myself hardening, a craving to take her growing.

“That feeling. That urge flowing through you. It is us. It is our bond. The vow we made. The roots we sowed.”

“You basically blood raped me and dragged me to the altar, don’t try to make the shit sound like the perfect blending of coffee and cream.”

“It is. We are.” She stood then, slowly strolling toward me, towering over where I lay in the bed. Her lips were mere inches from mine, the fire red of her eyes bright and hungry. “I forgive you for loving her, but you belong to and with me. I will not let you go.”

“You won’t have a fucking choice,” moving for the first time and pushing her away from me. I stood, groggily, almost falling back down. 

We were in the bedroom. Phoenix was in their crib. I’d felt their presence, I’d known they were safe and near, but putting my eyes on them…my heart almost broke with relief.

“Gabby…Gabriel…even you and your precious Yahweh can not break rooted vows.”

I glared over at her. She stood at the balcony doors, her back to the light, her visage seeming to glow. She looked beautiful and perfect in a black pencil skirt, a red wrap blouse, and her hair once again framing her face where the edges kissed her neck.

I could see my hands wrapped around that neck, squeezing as I pounded into her, taking her air as I made her break and submit. 

Across the room, her breath caught and she moaned. “Do it.”

“Fuck you.”

Her fingers found her blouse and slid it smoothly over her head. A black bra cupped full, golden-hued breasts. “Michael would.”

Her voice was soft, almost sweet, as she ran her fingers along her skin and down to the top of her skirt. I still heard the goad in it. 

“I’m not Michael, you fucking demon.” I said, licking my lips, unable to turn away as she popped the button on her skirt, letting it fall away after one shimmy of her hips. She didn’t have on panties.

“You aren’t. Because Michael tried to have me root married. He tried to cement his hold, to claim a bond that was not his right. He tried, my Gabby.”

She walked slowly toward me. I couldn’t turn my eyes away, but I backed into the bed, trying to keep ever dwindling space between us. 

“He couldn’t succeed, because it has to be mutual. At the root.” She was in front of me now, pushing down the loose fitting pants I wore, her hands cupping my hardness. “The same is true of us. It had to be mutual. I am yours, you are mine.”

“You’re fucking crazy.”

She nodded, stroking me, leaning in so her lips were at my ear. “I am. I am the craziest person you’ve known in the entirety of your existence.” She pushed me backward on the bed with one hand, the other still stroking my length. In one move she’d mounted me and was slowly riding my length.

I groaned, throwing my head back. She followed, her lips at my ear again, as her tongue slid along my pulse point. “I shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be inside me. I should be dust five times over, but Michael stole that. Your creator allowed it. I…I’m crazy because they willed it so. And I will destroy you, I will burn the fucking world down around you…” she paused, glancing toward Phoenix, “and make you watch…if you leave me..” she groaned, pressing downward and rocking her hips. “You. Are. Mine.” Each word was punctuated with a deep roll of her lips that made my breath catch.

The sensation of flesh being pierced prompted a long groan from my lips as I grabbed her lips, forcing her still as I exploded within her depths. The pull at my neck became harder as she moaned against my flesh, a wave of acute pleasure rocketed through my core, and I was pumping upward, releasing myself into her a second time.

“You’re a damn demon,” I growled on a whisper. I was still hard as a rock within her. She pulled away from my neck, sitting up partially, beginning to ride me in earnest as she looked down at me. 

Her hips moved to a rhythm all their own, her fire-red eyes held my blazing violet ones, her lips were stained by my blood. “I’m your damn salvation.”

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