Legends of the Veil

Lycaon, King of the Werewolves, brought a group of Legends together to face threats to all of our kinds. The Legends succeeded in thwarting these attacks, through the strength of one another. Relationships bloomed, friendships were kindled, and slowly they became more than a team, they became a family.

I am Minotauros. I began a journey to gain acceptance for our kind many months ago. To allow us to walk among the mundane, without fearing attacks on our lives, without worry of repercussion because of the things that make us, us. The Legends and I will continue to fight this fight.

We are building a family of supernatural beings, those that feel like outcasts. We will work together as a true family to make this world a better place, one where we can coexist and not hide in the shadows.

Join us and follow along with our noble journey…

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  • A Hero Falls, Finale; Legend vs Myth
    CONTENT WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE, CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE There he is. I thought to myself. The horseman dismounted and turned his torso towards me. He crossed his arms and stood there. I narrowed my eyes and noticed a gathering of spectators from the fight with Ashoka came to this new confrontation…. Continue Reading →
  • Four For a Birth
    Minotauros sighed happily in unison with me as we set our empty bowls on the coffee table before us. “That was delicious, darling,” Minotauros complimented as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close. I had made us a fast, but hearty, winter vegetable stew to keep… Continue Reading →
  • Obligations, Part 1
    CONTENT WARNINGS: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE/GRAPHIC VIOLENCE Me whole body hurt. Ma head was poundin’. What the hell happened? Slowly, thin’s began ta come inta focus. Headlights, truck, fire. Me eyes shot open, waitin’ ta see the carnage in front o’ me. But there was nothin’ there. No truck, no fire,… Continue Reading →
  • Three For a Wedding
    I removed the cold compress from Baba’s forehead once I was sure she had drifted off. I felt her temperature fall back to a normal level as I cradled her in my arms. It was good to see her less distressed; it had been a hard day for the both… Continue Reading →
  • A Hero Falls, Part 4; The Ancient Evil
    CONTENT WARNING: CRUDE INDECENT LANGUAGE, GRAPHIC VIOLENCE 10:00 AM The half-moon was tonight, and the citizens of Salem felt no different than any normal day. A couple of concerned citizens saw me walk the streets with something unknown to them in my eyes, but I gave a small smile and… Continue Reading →

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